Season 1

July 26, 2018
Greed isn't a financial issue, it's a heart issue.

Megan Boone as Katherine Walker
Kyle Chandler as Julius Head
Anthony Mackie as Carter David
Amber Heard as Alexandra Wessex
David Oyewolo as Jackson Richards
Adam Brody as Matas Waters
Kaley Cuoco as Lynne Sierra
Anna Paquin as Karen Jay
Daniel Kaluuya as Shaun Bax
Amanda Schull as Jessica Thomas
Raphael Acloque as Ahmed Kadiri
Robert Redford as Kent King
Wendell Pierce as Lee King
Jeff Daniels as Chris David
Jeremy Renner as Sam Walker
Patrick Schwarzenegger as Montgomery St Claire

Greed is a 2018 mystery thriller TV show. It is inspired by various films and television shows but most notably: 24, Bloodline and The Blacklist. The show takes place in modern-day New York City, New York where located in the federal plaza, is the Transnational Organised Crime Unit - 12. After an FBI agent’s informant is killed, the hunt for the killer is on… but certain parties pulling strings from behind the shadows threaten to turn the investigation on its head; causing loyalties to be tested and people to examine themselves as they really are.

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Rating Edit

TV-MA (15)

  • Strong Language
  • Strong Violence
  • Adult Situations
  • 1 Mature Scene
  • Upsetting Scenes

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Episodes Edit


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Million Dollar Shot Unknown 1 1.01
Special Agent Katherine Walker's life is turned upside down when her informant is killed, his death begs the question: Why would anyone kill a low-level associate?
The Inquest Unknown 1 1.02
Jackson questions Kat about her involvement with James and a new lead leaves the team puzzled. Kat mourns James.
This Means Murder Unknown 1 1.03