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  • Hey Jay! 

    Just here to give you my review on the series premiere of HIVE! Hope you enjoy!!_Dong!_The_Bitch_Is_Dead!

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  • Hey Jay! I finished A Promise to the Dead and left an embarrassingly long review. It was probably my favorite yet. 

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  • Can you meet up in chat this weekend? Sel and  I have been so busy and not been able to run any ideas by her regarding the episode.

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    • if i can remember the other things, i will certainly email you Jay :)

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    • kk

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  • Hey!

    I created a wikia for my own fanfiction a few years back, but it is not up and running, due to lack of finished materials. Recently, a post in News and Annoucements, along with a message on my and my sister's (also an admin) appeared, promoting for this wikia. The writer was Fearless Diva and when I asked her about this, she claimed that she was trying to affiliate with my wikia.

    She had never before contacted me and I had no idea who she was. We did not seem to share the same fandoms either, so naturally I was confused as to how she even found my wikia. Anyways, I was wondering if you had any knowledge of this? I would hate to be seen as rude to any of the members of your wikia, because I was bad at affiliating blogs or whatever.

    I checked your homepage and my wikia was never added to the list anyways. Despite this, I was wondering if I should check with the other blogs to make sure they were aware they were being affiliated with your wikia.

    To my questions, she called me rude, so I decided to double check with another adminstrator to try and get this cleared up. I'd prefer not to start any bad blood or anything, because I typically try to avoid starting drama over things like this.

    Thank you so much for your help! The best of luck on your series and I hope you have a fabulous day.


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    Fearless Diva
    Fearless Diva closed this thread because:
    convo over
    21:46, February 12, 2016
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    • Fearless Diva wrote:
      JayJay-A wrote:
      Hello there Mandi

      Much like Selena (Fearless Diva) pointed out this is not my wiki,  it's her's, she had the idea, she asked us to be writers. So whilst I may be an admin and writer, I would NOT consider myself in charge, if you have any future questions they should be run through her before any other admin on this wiki. 

      I haven't seen your wiki so I personally don't know which one it is, but a lot of our other partnered wiki's have been contacted in the exact same way as you did. Selena has already offered her appologies, if you don't want to be associated with our wikia, to put it bluntly, you don't have to. We're not going to pressure you by any means.

      However in future if you do want to partner up, it must be ran through Selena. Hope you have a nice day/ evening 

      - Jay

      My apologies, I just wanted to double check with someone else in case I had missed something. Thank you so much for your help!

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    • If that's all, this thread is officially closed.

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  • I sent you the compiled list of emails and chats that discuss many topics that will appear in the next episode.  I know you can't meet up in chat tonight, but once you'd read it all let me know, and maybe sometime during this week I can clarify any questions you might have okay? :)

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    • Also...  I'm on this (FDP Wikia) chat if your both free! We can finally discuss the episode in depth and hash out any remaining questions you may both have.  I'll wait for 30 minutes but if neither of you come in, we can try again tomorrow?

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  • Hi new Here and I'm so Excited To start binge reading your Handsome little liars story the chracters sound real i like writing myself but i stoped because i could never get a plot lol

    can't wait to start reading talking to u soon

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  • Happy thousandth edit!

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  • Hey Jay, I noticed that Handsome Little Liars doesn't have an episode guide yet for the series. If I were to make one for you, could you fill out the rest of the page with more information?

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  • Hey, so the day is finally here! A week after the premiere of  Horrifically Wicked Tales (the pilot being Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!) , we come to you with the series premiere of Bloodlines, an Inferno spin-off as well. So, while Horrifically Wicked Tales is an anthology series (meaning it reboots at the end of each season) and hit series like The Devil WithinHandsome Little Liars and Inferno have full season orders(20+ episodes) this series is more of a limited series format. Meaning that it consists of 10-13 episodes(still deciding on the exact number of episodes though) and each season will focus on a different member of O.R.B.S. Hence the title Bloodlines(clever no?)! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the first three episodes of this season are set 2 or so weeks between episodes Highway to Hell and Born Under A Bad Sign from its sister show  which was our introduction to the Inferno Universe). But don't fret cause by the end of the third episode of this series,  the two timelines will be caught up!  If you need to see the auditions page for Inferno and Bloodlines (or want to audition characters for either series) then just click on the link in parenthesis and it will take you straight to it over at the Pretty Little Liars Wikia (

    Missed some of the actions... Start from the beginning with  past episodes for you to read:

    *Down the Rabbit Hole 

    *Highway to Hell 

    Born Under A Bad Sign

    The Three Faces of Sophia

    *Dream A Little Dream of Me

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  • The page for it, I was thinking if there was a way of  using the current pics we have of the students on there... Do you think we can make them black and white(to honor the deceased)? If it's not too much trouble can you help with the content (as in words)? Like help add what's happened with the characters in the latest episode (of HIVE and Inferno). Lastly, is there any way you could help with showcasing the premiere of HIVE on the main pages? Also, check your email please?

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