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Phillip and Jamie
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Close friends as of Things You Can't Outrun


Prior to Down the Rabbit Hole Edit

The pair apparently haven't interacted much prior to the events of the pilot episode

Highway to Hell Edit

In this episode Jamie calls Phillip a neanderthal after Sophia puts him in his place. However the pair along with Sophia are then put into a class project together.

Born Under A Bad Sign Edit

In this episode, a drunk Phillip reveals to Sophia that he thinks Jamie is cute, however when Sophia questions Phillips sexuality he changes the subject.

Dream A Little Dream of Me Edit

Phillip and Jamie have apparently grown somewhat closer. The pair are seen (By Jamie's ex Todd Rollings) in the library studying together. Jamie becomes jealous after seeing Todd flirt with new girl Alietta Stone and proceeds to heat up his coffee. When Phillip tells the warlock that 'he's hot' indicating to the boiling coffee. Jamie replies that Phillip is kinda hot to and proceeds to hug him, in a fire back at Todd. Later in the episode Todd's dream is shown, Jamie and Phillip are in bed together, before Todd comes in and throws Phillip across the room.

The Things You Can't Outrun Edit

The two continue to hang out and get closer as friends. However, Sienna, Phillip's girlfriend isn't all too pleased with this newfound friendship between the two and tries to put a stop to it. But, Phillip ends up refusing and continue being friends with Jamie.

The Heart is A Lonely HunterEdit

When having a conversation with Tara, Phillip reveals that Jamie bailed on the videogame night. Later at Grimm's Cafe Jamie tells Phillip he text him but it failed to sent. When the warlcock explains how he is back together with his boyfreind Todd, Phillip seems disheartened. Sienna allows the boys to be friends, much to the delight of Phillip.


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