Point Dume Academy
Location Information
  • Boarding School for the Supernatural
  • Malibu, California


School Motto = "Iunctus Stamus, Dividui Cadimus" (United We Stand, Divided We Fall)




Point Dume Academy offers several unique courses for its diverse student population.  Some of the courses one might attend at the Acadmey include


135808 front1

The process of transformation, creation, or combination ordinary matter into sublime or divine materials.  Alchemy is the supernatural equivalent of modern chemistry and is practiced by witches and warlocks in the creation of certain magical ingredients or objects. 

 Design and Outlook: 

  • Point Dume Academy's Aquatic Center
  • Point Dume Academy's Aquatic Center (As seen from the outside)
  • One of Point Dume Academy's many hallways
  • Entry Gate of Point Dume Academy
  • One of the many corridors leading to the old dungeons of Point Dume Academy
  • One of Point Dume Academy's Common Rooms
  • Corridor leading to Point Dume Academy's Archives Building
  • Point Dume Academy's Dormitory Building for the Girls(in Late summer-early fall)
  • Point Dume Academy's Dining Hall
  • Point Dume Academy's Girls Dormitories Building After the Yuki-Onna takes over Malibu
  • Point Dume Academy's Boys Rec room
  • Point Dume Academy's official school emblem
  • Point Dume Academy
  • Outside View of Nathan Specter's office
  • Point Dume Academy Main Entrace
  • What humans see upon looking at Point Dume Academy due to a powerful protection spell put on upon its creation
  • Point Dume Academy Library
  • Detailed Map of Point Dume Academy
  • Girls Dorm Room at Point Dume Academy
  • Boys Dorm Room at Point Dume Academy
  • Door to the Dorm rooms at Point Dume Academy
  • Common Rooms at Point Dume Academy
  • Point Dume Academy Courtyards
  • Point Dume Academy: Underground Lair
  • Training Facility
  • Point Dume Academy:Boys Locker Room
  • Point Dume Academy:Boys Locker Room
  • Top Secret: Underwater Room



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