Rick Warren
Biographical information
  • Alive
  • Caucasian-American
  • Male
  • Late 20's
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Physical Appearance
Hair color
  • Dirty Blonde
Eye color
  • Green/Blue
Played by
  • Chris Evans
Episode Count
  • 1
First seen
Rick Warren is a minor character in Bloodlines, an Inferno spin-off.


Rick is a hunter, he works for Fiona Evergreen and he's currently married to Alisha.

 Season 1 

Bad Blood Edit

Rick Warren along with Alisha broke rank to do a little hunting on their own around the outskirts of Hailey.  They were tracking the prints of werewolves but were carelessly led into a trap by Moses Goldstein and Benjamin Rolande.  It results in Rick taken prisoner and Alisha being beheaded.  It was later mentioned by Moses that Rick gave up the location of a safehouse in the area the hunters were using. 

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