Since I've met you, everything I have done has been in part because of you. I can't untie myself from you Sophia. Not my heart nor my blood or my mind or any other part of me... And I don't want to.
Josh to Sophia
Season 2, Episode 5
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Written by Selena
Episode Guide Transcript
Mother Knows Best
Call of the Dragon


  • TBA

 Title and Background: 

  • TBA


  • Josh Frazer appears this episode, though in what capacity remains to be seen given Alazne's  vision foretelling his death at the hands of Agoroth.

  Body Count: 

  • TBA

 Episode's Cast: 


Guest Starring:

  • Alex Pettyfer as Josh Frazer (created by Raven)→TBD/15

  Episode's Soundtrack: 

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