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    February 4, 2016 by JayJay-A

    Hey Guys!

    So I am currently working on The Heart is A Lonely Hunter, whilst doing so I have been listening to a lot of music. Basically ever since Grease Live I have been in a very musical mood ALL WEEK, I have been singing everything guys.

    A few weeks back Mermaidheart created a froum about Inferno being recast and it was quite a fun little 'game'. So I thought I would try and do something fun too. Okay so hypathetically speaking, I wondered if the cast of Inferno broke out into songs from musicals, what would they sing. I compiled my own list and would love to see what you guys think, or you can do your own. (It doesn't have to be Inferno it could be Bloodlines, HLL, HWT ECT. It doesn't have to be musical numbers either I just chose that b…

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  • JayJay-A

    Hey guys James here.

    I just wanted to let you all know that Handsome Little Liars will also be here on Fearless Diva Productions. If any of you know about the fic then you know I posted it on PLL wiki and am halfway through season 2. So with it being on here too it will give new readers the chance to BINGE READ. 

    This will show you the whole HLL universe. I am working on adding episodes, and it won't be long until all the episodes are on the wiki. For now here is the prelude to Season 1

    Thanks for reading hope you all enjoy

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