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Are you a fan of Gossip Girl? Do you remember those Mondays on The CW when a new episode of Gossip Girl would come out, and huge drama would unload? We do.

Gossip Girl isn't coming back to TV for now, but that doesn't mean it's dead.

Introducing Spotted by Gossip Girl Wiki.

"What is this?" you may be asking yourself. At the Gossip Girl Wiki, we have launched Spotted releasing every Monday at 5/4c and Thursday at 6/5c only on our wiki.

No, we're not filming Gossip Girl at some secret studio and kidnapping Blake and Leighton (that gives me an idea, jk), but we are writing and releasing Gossip Girl blasts (seen on the right). This is something that no other fansite of Gossip Girl has, and we hope you like it! <3 <3

Please join our wiki and check out our twice-a-week blasts here. Enjoy!

But that's not all. We're currently in the works of starting weekly NYSpectator blasts. Yes, the one and only NYSpectator run by Nate Archibald! <3
H spotted

Spotted: S and D grabbing lunch together. B also happened to be there and saw the whole thing. Are some old feelings between the two lovebirds coming back? Hmm.. C taking Monkey for a walk, he seems to be a little on edge this morning. Something wrong C? Meanwhile, N on the other side of town far from everyone else. Working on the Spectator? Meeting some big names? Doing some digging? Maybe he's with Vanessa again? We hear she's back in town. Yessss. Things were getting a little dull around here.

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