• Queen Alietta

    Hello everyone. I have decided to start reviewing all of the fanfictions, with my opinions, on this wiki. First, I will start with Handsome Little Liars (Season 1) since I have told Jay that I will start reading them for forever. I will review each episode after I have read it and post it on this blog post. Let the fun begin!

    NOTE: Please take notice that I do not know anything that happens and I would NOT like it being spoiled for me. Thank you.

    • Started reading: 31/08/15
    • Finished reading: 31/08/15

    I started reading the character descriptions. The two characters that stand out to me are Hanson and Bradley. Since I don't know anything about the series yet, I would say these two are my pre-series favourites. Firstly, Hanson is different from the rest…

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