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    Welcome dear reader, to my personal review of Selena and Jay's latest production, Horrifically Wicked Tales! aka. Our new fanfic obsession!

    What can I say? Hands down to this great story.

    I'm gonna be honest, I always knew that Callista was going to die during the first scene, after all, she's the "Flashback Girl" ;) but it was really original the sexy/violent way she and her killer interacted. I was a little confused at first, why was she acting like an innocent horny girl? Then I realized she knew, and damn God she did! a lot of things.

    Then we jump into who I think will be the Final Girl: Olivia Wright. I just LOVE Olivia so freaking bad. Why? Two simple reasons: I love Lily James since "Cinderella", and second, I relate a LOOOOT with her. …

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  • Riley Mason

    Riley's Little Corner

    September 11, 2015 by Riley Mason

    The Riley Diaries

    Hello sweeties! This is my first entry to my new blog... The Riley Diaries! Basically, this posts will have random content on it, always with some Wikia's features, interviews, games, and more! But firstly, here's some info about me!

    • Name: Riley Estelle Mason
    • Birthday: August 1st, 1999
    • Currently Lives In: Harrisonburg, Virginia
    • Goals: Post at least 50 entries of this "diary" series, write a fanfiction (A GOOD ONE.), read all the stories posted here, and have fun!


    So yeas... The first thing I'll be talking about is... BURRITOS.

    just kidding.

    I'll talk about friendships.

    A friend is someone who'll not always make you laugh, but will try to. A friend is someone who supports and loves you with his/her all. A friend is s…

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