Welcome dear reader, to my personal review of Selena and Jay's latest production, Horrifically Wicked Tales! aka. Our new fanfic obsession!

What can I say? Hands down to this great story.

I'm gonna be honest, I always knew that Callista was going to die during the first scene, after all, she's the "Flashback Girl" ;) but it was really original the sexy/violent way she and her killer interacted. I was a little confused at first, why was she acting like an innocent horny girl? Then I realized she knew, and damn God she did! a lot of things.

Then we jump into who I think will be the Final Girl: Olivia Wright. I just LOVE Olivia so freaking bad. Why? Two simple reasons: I love Lily James since "Cinderella", and second, I relate a LOOOOT with her. I think we all do, in a certain way. So, Olivia's introduction kinda reminds me of Cady Heron's, just with a British and a fanciest tone.

When then jump into the first gathering. Cassandra appears, being nice and snoby with Olivia. I definately thought: "She's not the 'cute' girl we met during the first scene, I think I'm gonna hate her". I did. I do. I will. I hate Cassandra so much (Which means Selena and Jay did a great job developing her), but what makes her different from Alison DiLaurentis, Blair Waldorf, or Chanel Oberlin? That Cassandra is the most realistic bitch I've ever seen.

There are other members in the bitchy clique: Vevina Ferozco and Chasity Fairisize (Idk how you spell her last name xD).

I actually find them very cute, they are like Gretchen & Karen, or #3 & #5. I really enjoy this type of characters, loyal characters, who make popularity not as bitchy as many think... WRONG! I know there's an inner bitch inside of them both.

I think those are the central characters, HIVE Academy, duh!

BUT here's my official list:



  1. Olivia Wright
  2. Clara Stark
  3. Vevina Ferozco
  4. Chasity Fairize
  5. Leo Barnaby
  6. Lavender Jensen

NOT cool

  1. Princess Cohen
  2. Bitch Cassandra
  3. Liv's bf.
  4. CAMERON (why did she fight with Cassey?)

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