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    PLL Series auditions!

    December 23, 2014 by Stefann15

    So since I'm having a hard time writing my current series, I decided to cancel it and focus on another kind of show. Which is ofcourse: Pretty Little Liars! I apologize to everyone who has auditioned for the other series, know that it is really appreciated. Now as for the new series based around PLL...

    "I suppose I could let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, yadda yadda. But where's the fun in that? These pretty little bitches got everything I ever wanted, and now I'm going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve. Does that make me sound awful? Sorry, but as every pretty little liar knows, sometimes the truth's ugly and it always hurts. I'll be watching..."


    - A

    The story will be taking place in Rosewood! I…

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