Hey guys, I'm TaylorManton1 and I've gotta say I'm super excited for Season 1 Episode 15 (Don't) Fear The Reaper! I'm quite new here, but I've already, after three episodes, grown quite attached to the Point Dume Gang. Anyway, Fearless Diva has already announced that there will be a major death in 01x15.

I honestly think there will be two. Josh is supposedly prophecised to die by Alazne. I can accept that. However, it has been stated by Fearless Diva that Chrone's can ressurrect the dead. It is my belief that Sophia will ressurrect Josh either that episode or soon thereafter. Therefore I believe it will be another character that meets their final end in 01x15.

Personally I hate to think this, but I am leaning towards Tara. The previous episode, 01x14 What Does The Fox Say? could be foreshadowing for Tara's demise, or simply wrap up her storyline. Could it be that my fabourite little fox will meet her end?

Anyway, let me know what you guys think below. Do you agree with me, or do you think that we may have a total left-fielder being doomed so early on?

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